Our Lincoln Park and Belmont locations participate in our

“White Teeth for Life Boost Program”

We are just as excited as you are to see bright, white teeth…the kind that give you that extra boost of confidence when you smile!

Our program is simple: once you undergo in-office whitening, we will provide you with custom, at-home trays and, twice a year at your re-care appointments, you will receive a free tube of prescription strength whitening gel to keep your pearly whites fresh and sparkling!

To Qualify:

  • Must be 16 years of age, or older
  • Current cleaning, exam and x-rays
  • No active, untreated disease (gum disease, decay)
  • Must maintain dental hygiene (cleaning) appointments as directed
  • Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance
  • Patient to retain hard models should whitening trays become lost or damaged (at a cost of $50)
  • No unpaid our outstanding bills (other than insurance processing)
To Stay in the Program:

  • Keep your scheduled dental cleaning visits, usually every 6 months.
  • Any canceled cleaning appointments MUST be rescheduled and KEPT within 3 weeks of the cancellation.

Program “Reinstatement”

If, due to unforseen circumstances, you fall-out of the program, to be reinstated we require that you complete 2 consecutive cleanings. Once you have, we will happily welcome you back in!


  • Whitening can be unpredictable however, compliance will always help you achieve your best possible results.
  • We choose to dispense at-home whitening gel that has buffers to reduce sensitivity. Every person, however, is unique. Sensitivity typically goes away once you complete your treatment but if it doesn’t, we have many suggestions of over the counter products which will have you drinking ice cold beverages again!
  • “Whte filings” and “crowns” will not bleach.
  • Results may vary by individual.

Call one of our two locations today to schedule your in-office whitening and become a White For Life Boost Program Member today!!!

Belmont: 773-725-7222

Lincoln Park: 773-348-2704

*Actual Brands of products used may vary based upon current research and choosing the one most suitable to patient needs/conditions. Products shown are the ones we currently use.